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BBuzzArt is one of the largest and fastest-growing art e-commerce market in Asia and a professionally curated platform. We turn the art world spotlight on our emerging artists, and to date 300,000 global users have trusted us with over 40,000 of their artworks.

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Why BBuzzArt?

  • 01 Low commission rate of 30%

    We prioritize our artists and want to support you in doing what you do best.

  • 02 Securing the safety of your artwork

    We follow a proven procedure to ensure that we deliver your work in the best condition possible to your lucky new collector.

  • 03 Transparency

    There are no hidden costs or surprises. We work with you every step of the way through email from to maintain your autonomy as a valued artist.

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We celebrate your creativity with the World

International art shows, art fairs and private exhibitions—they’re not restricted to name brand artists when you work with BBuzzArt. So far, our artists have participated in BBuzzShow hosted in Prague, Jakarta, Seoul, Shanghai, and Singapore. BBuzzArt strongly believes that our emerging artists can be the next Van Gogh or the next Matisse and achieve success and creative fulfilment in his/her lifetime.


Create your Community

It is also a dynamic platform, and one of the largest art e-commerce platforms in Asia, where you can promote your work and grow a genuine following. Increasingly, artists must know how to market themselves, but it can be daunting to set up a site, drive traffic there, and interact with real fans amidst the bots while making your art. On BBuzzArt, you can not only directly comment, like and share other artists works, but also share your daily lives on a platform created for people fascinated with creative minds like yours. You can do so on Daily Moments. We also produce short documentary-style videos of the artists and introduce our artists to art enthusiasts in a more engaging visual medium called Artist Buzzed. Through our weekly newsletters, we introduce our artists exclusively to all the artists and collectors in our network.

Passive Income for Artists

Art is evolving alongside technology and with Amazon’s Alexa, BBuzzCanvas is making a mark in the art and interior space for its accessibility and ingenuity as an e-canvas developed to display artworks like yours. By simply streaming your service on BBuzzCanvas, we will share the profits. It is a great source of passive income while promoting your work to more buyers.


Art meets technology

We are all about disrupting the traditionally rigid and nontransparent art markets to synthesize art within our modern times. BBuzzArt is continuously developing new innovative ideas to make sure that our emerging artists will stay afloat in the rapidly developing market. Agnes is our Art Intelligence (AI) curator who works alongside our curatorial team, and BbuzzCanvas is an exciting product that makes art more accessible to any audience, widening the horizons of all those using our platform. We are also developing products with Amazon's Alexa and other exciting new features!

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Artists inevitably need the right coverage and exhibition experience to share their art. When you work with us, we promise to work endlessly promote your art to grow your fanbase, representative galleries, and art collectors throughout our channels.