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NOV. 1 - NOV. 14, 2018


BBuzzShow@Seoul finally returned home to celebrate the stunning works of Korean creatives in the bustling city. During the tender transition from summer to fall, the exhibition invited five talented artists to showcase their deeply personal works under the theme of ‘Boggart,’ a reminder that our biggest fears can be hosted by our own selves. This special exhibition included an opening night, engaging artist talks, informative English and Korean docents and a final debate among participants, making it a night to remember.


JUL. 21 - JUL. 28, 2017


BBuzzArt’s long-lasting mission of promoting young artistic talents has maintained thanks to many prestigious art organizations around the world. For BBuzzShow@Prague, Hauch Gallery is in collaboration with BBuzzArt where many leading figures in art have been presented. Under the natural light coming through the roof window, two Romanian artists selected by BBuzzArt reveal their most romantic works. When Romania meets Czech, the revival of Bohemian romantic is destined to take place.


MAY. 10 - MAY. 30, 2017


Although BBuzzArt promotes cutting-edge methodology that brings a paradigm shift in the art industry, it treasures traditional values in art and providing an exhibition opportunity to emerging artists is a way of empowering the new and preserving the old. Thus, under the name of BBuzzShow, BBuzzArt has been traveling around the world in order to open pop-up exhibition. Starting 2014, BBuzzShow opened in NewYork city, Berlin, Singapore, Shanghai and Seoul and this May BBuzzArt brings BBuzzShow to Jakarta-Indonesia, a country filled with artistic treasures blossomed by multi-cultural heritages. 14 emerging and talented artists have been carefulluy selected for this exhibition from more than 1,000 submissions. It is the greatest wish of BBuzzArt that the exhibition visitors may have a chance to feel the genuine and unfiltered sprit of time.


JUN. 16 - JUL. 7, 2016


Just K Waves of Popular Culture? Nay! Gangnam is an artistic quarter filled with galleries, art spaces and artist ateliers. If you visit Gangnam only for shopping and pop culture, then you get to experience the half of this energetic and creative part in Seoul. For BBuzzShow@Gangnam, we are very thrilled to collaborate with CACADEW Art Center. Located in the heart of Gangnam, this emerging art space has been supporting and promoting young artists in Korea. The representatives of CACADEW Art Center is also very excited to invite emerging and talented artists around the world to their space. Through this collaboration between BBuzzArt and CACADEW Art Center, we wish passionate and creative artists have opportunities to receive attentions from the art loving public in Seoul.


MAR. 4 - MAR. 25, 2016


Fearless, unstoppable, passionate, emotion-full and rational are words suitable to describe the present generation of young artists. They are bold so that no power can stop them from raging themselves to fulfill their aspiration. They are straight-forward so that the irrationality is beyond their tolerance. They are sentimental romantics so that they literally and mentally write novels as they read them. Since there is a strong bi-polarity to describe the young generation of artists, sometimes onlookers are puzzled whether we are living in an age of logic or an age of emotion. Perhaps, an age of emotion spurred with dynamic energy would make more sense.


JAN. 20 - FEB. 2, 2016


BBuzzShow is one of BBuzzArt's major activities that provides an exhibition opportunity to emerging and talented artists around the world. The exhibition team travels different countries to open a visual arts exhibition by receiving open submissions. It is definitely open to every emerging artists without any location restrictions since BBuzzArt covers the transportation cost of art work. Why Singapore? We can be politically correct by saying all those bubbly reasons such as "Singapore is a hub for the fast growing art market in South- East Asia" or "there are two major art fairs happening in Singapore during BBuzzShow" or "Singapore is a region where different cultures and minds are mingled and accepted." Well, we all know these facts! But what is the real reason why BBuzzShow is at Singapore? It is because of art loving and passionate people that we met in Singapore! BBuzzArt was very fortunate to be surrounded by supportive, energetic and artistic individuals who made this show possible in Singapore. And they all believe in the vision of BBuzzArt for emerging artists. So, dear artists, it is your turn to show them that their vision is not in vain!