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winters felicity4 hours ago

One day I was painting,
And a thought popped out of my mind that , what is the consequence of painting? What is the world without painting?
And astoundingly it will be as same as being unsighted 
Painting makes this world alluring, paint lives in the world like the chosen colours that make up a masterpiece. 
Paint stains an artist's calloused fingers 
Painting gives joy to the anguished water.
Paint can sway thinking, change actions and cause reactions.
It can irritate or soothe your eyes 
Raise your blood pressure or suppress your appetite.
Paint gives emotions to emotionless things 
Paint is the king of all art forms.
Welcome to the world of cheery monarchs. 

    winters felicity4 hours ago

    Frenzied for the small tour of life? 
    Well, let's get started.
    Hey look you are a small child, a stargazer.
    That's good you should be Walter mitty.
    Woah your beautiful wings filled with big dreams.
    Wait, why do those wings start shattering? 
    Oh, because you are an adult now.
    Yes, you betrayed your childhood's big dream.
    But why? 
    Aah yes! It is outrageous.
    You have so many responsibilities right.
    Look now you became itinerant just like the bird, thinking you are free, independent.
    But wait let me tell you the truth, you are no other than an aeroplane who is controlled by someone.
    Offended? Aren't you? 
    But this is how your true self is 
    How your self-image is.

      winters felicity4 hours ago

      This is my first time trying pencil shading and colouring giving it a makeup look 

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        Talabi Oluwashina15 hours ago

        My digital art

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            David Ronce23 hours ago

            (My excessive self-indulgence in gathering firewood, which I’ve done in places like Osaka’s Green Cave, usually raises vexing questions about the resonance of Socotra dragon tree bark.)

              I paint what you ask me, if you want a family photo I do it too, just leave me a message of what you want, it's in Olió, thank you very much

                El que lo quiera lo pinto otra vez por $1200 en Olió 

                  Que tal 1000 dólares