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2022. 08. 16




2022. 08. 12

Relax and enjoy with art.

2022. 07. 18

Clara Shin

the beautiful ending

2019. 01. 04

Clara Shin

2018. 12. 12

HS Jeong

I think art is part of someone's identity. In the art field, refinement and open attitude of life are important, especially because life goes through several artistic inflection points through the encounter of "coincidence" and "inevitability." Therefore, I think identity is expanded and completed by embracing the change. I would like to express people's inner inspiration for this curation which is various parts on identity.

2018. 09. 28

"All work no play makes jack a dull boy." It is Monday again and you are still lingering on your sweet weekend? Take a few minutes off from your work and enjoy artworks to lift your vibe. Art does not have to be serious and thought provoking all the time. This curation provides you with the most heart lightening artworks from our beloved artists. Here you will see what magic colours, shapes, lines and other visual elements can do to expand your mind and refresh your spirit. Enjoy and look forward to a fruitful week!

2018. 09. 17

Clara Shin

When I was little, I asked my grandmother to tell a story and she was a great story teller. As her voice tone went up and down, I was riding a roller coaster of emotion. After she finished her story telling, I paused a moment in silence. But soon after I began reconstructing my memory of her telling the story and the freedom of interpretation is a privilege granted to a devoted listener. I carefully grouped artworks that bring me multiple versions of stories and a room of interpretation is indeed a special privilege given to a devoted viewer.

2018. 03. 16

BBuzzArt Curated

How brilliant are they to make art historical references in their work! If you are an art history nerd who likes a good laugh, you will love this. Can you guess which artist they are referring to?

2017. 05. 12