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Richman toy


Rushed to the state of the male sex object. Fish flakes are like clothes that cover her body. The fish is no different from the girl who was stripped of her clothes.
  • Category : PHOTOGRAPHY
  • Year : 2016
  • Total Edition No : 1
  • Size : 30(W) x 20(H) inch
  • Posting : 2016. 02. 05

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2017. 12. 07

Chandan Kumar

The mundane contents emphasize the extreme style of this artwork. Overall mood is rather restricted.
2017. 09. 12

Aamir Iqbal

I find this artwork’s style fairly pop. Even better, the contents are conceptual with its cheerful atmosphere.
2017. 09. 08

Ajay Kumar

The elegant style inlays graphic content that reveals amusing imagery.x
2017. 09. 04

Bernard Muriuki

The artist successfully sets the lively atmosphere by presenting realistic contents in extreme style.
2017. 08. 27

عقبة اللاوند

اشم راحة السمك في هذا العمل
2017. 08. 26

Rajesh Gupta

The style is distinct. This artwork’s historical contents and aggressive mood makes this art
2017. 08. 24

Dharma Winata

The elegant style blended with its sociopolitical contents makes the atmosphere of this artwork very lively.
2017. 08. 23

Abu Hafiyya

I like it so much..
the love and sex is blind and unlogic
2017. 08. 23


This artwork’s distinct style is portrayed by its vibrant contents and it leads to create dreamy feeling overall.
2017. 08. 22

Dorin Avram

The reflection of elegant style and romantic contents of this artwork brings us the comfortable feeling.
2017. 08. 21

Patricia Antici

I can see that the artist has placed a great effort on creating manipulative style. The dramatic contents and the provoking mood seem to be contrasted, but at the same time complements each other.
2017. 08. 21

Lęø Bäčhär

The animated style blended with its humanistic contents makes the atmosphere of this artwork very comfortable.
2017. 08. 20

Lique Dedalus

It is surreal with its erotic contents. The overall feeling is relatively deep.
2017. 08. 20

Lovely Akter

The decorative style of this piece is well depicted through its contrasting contents that are rather offensive. The overall feeling of this artwork is somewhat relaxed.
2017. 08. 18