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The Chest


Dear Niharika,
That is a pretty chest to be holding within yourself;
But it must have its fair share of weight;
How many ‘you’s have you kept in this chest?
Unaddressed words;
Imagined conversations;
Letters stuck between your past and present;
How many of these?
Look at how these ‘you’s sit put;
Scooping out your happiness.
One heartbreak at a time;
One ‘letting go phase’ at a time.
You carry this weight everywhere;
To a gathering;
To work;
Your multiple selves are armed with weapons;
To not let anyone get a glimpse of your insides;
Your greys have pushed your colour deep within;
Only for you to be perceived as an existing person
And not a living individual.
If I open this chest
I will see that laugh over that first coffee;
That tear over “this was not supposed to be serious.”
That smile when your happiness took a human form.
I can only talk to you in these letters;
Hoping that you can share this burden with me;
Hoping that I can make you understand
That sometimes letting go is the way to be;
No matter how painful;
Hoping that you mend fences with those who have one;
And are not closed islands.
Dear Niharika,
Some day we will speak;
And that day
I will tell you that you don’t need these conversations;
But just yourself and your colour;
To paint a world of happiness;
For yourself.
With love, 

  • Category : DRAWING
  • Year : 2016
  • Posting : 2016. 02. 06

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