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Screaming but in my shell.
Another one from the time when life was hard on me.
  • Category : PHOTOGRAPHY
  • Year : 2015
  • Posting : 2016. 02. 10

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Namsoo Kim

The imaginative contents are delivered in the obscure style and exotic atmosphere.
2017. 04. 19

Noor jaber

This picture is really deep and expresses everything people feel but keep inside
2016. 12. 18

Alexia Novelli

The overall composition of this artwork has with minimal style and aesthetic contents. This piece really brings out the disturbing feeling to the audience.
2016. 10. 31

Bree Henry

I really like this piece I think it expresses someone feeling trapped and screaming but no one can hear them.
2016. 05. 24

Watey Diep

The overall style of this artwork is very audacious. But, the contents are vicious contents creating the disturbing feeling.
2016. 05. 21

Laura Penney

I find this piece relatable and think it does a great job of expressing the feeling behind it. Great work!
2016. 05. 18

Bonnie yam

I find the imaginative contents and inspiring feeling of this art very appealing.
2016. 05. 18


The style of this piece seems quite eccentric with its dark contents, but it sets the surreal mood of the setting.
2016. 04. 05