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Hypermnestra Danaid v.2


According to Greek mythology, the Danaids were the 50 daughters of Danaus, who was the King of Libya. Danaus had a twin brother named Aegyptus, who was the King of Egypt and he had 50 sons. Aegyptus was clearly the brother with the most power and when he suggested that his 50 sons marry Danaus 50 daughters, Danaus was not happy.

He knew that this arrangement would only give more power to Aegyptus and Danaus was afraid he would lose his own land. With this in mind, Danaus fled his country and took all of his daughter to Greece where he hoped they could hide from Aegyptus and his sons. Unfortunately, Aegyptus found him and he had no choice but to agree to the marriages. Before the wedding ceremony, Danaus gathered his daughters around and handed each one of them a dagger. He ordered his daughters to kill their new husbands as soon as they were left alone with them. All of his daughters obeyed their fathers orders, except for    Hypermnestra, who spared the life of her husband, Lynceus. The ending of the story is unclear because there are several different versions of the story told. Almost all of the stories have the 49 daughters who killed their husbands ordered to fill a tub with jars of water. This tub has a sieve at the bottom, meaning that the girls would need to spend eternity trying to fill a tub of water that could never be filled. Most of the stories have Hypermnestra being imprisoned for disobedience to her father. Some of the stories have Hypermnestra and her father reconciling at the end and other stories have Lynceus killing Danaus as revenge for his brothers deaths. Either way the stories say the Hypermnestra and Lynceus live happily ever after.

This sad story reviled by disobeying the father’s order, she kept her husband alive that made to change her life from father’s death and 49 sisters/brothers appalling destiny.

From few stories, they say Hypermnestra made a happy ending with her husband. Yet, was her life really contained happiness? It must have been a dark shadow by surviving alone from reality by losing her loving father and sisters/brothers.
My Danaid means the  first daughter Hypermnestra Danaid.

While her husband and she earned wealth and honor, her sisters/brothers were punished to fill up the pot with water that can never be filled. Hypermnestra’s heart would have been filled with desire by hearing the sound of water that cannot be filled.

We sometimes meet the point where we cannot decide whether it’s right or wrong. This gives us a harsh pain. Nevertheless, we have to follow the line.
Even though it might be unfair right now and cannot see our front road, we have to follow the line.

This would have been left as an unaccepted pain.
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