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Guides of the Empyrean (Canto XXXI)

Guides of the Empyrean (Canto XXXI)


this series was inspired by my own personal experiences with these rare specters, powerful deities, phantoms or angelic drifters.

“Sometimes I was unsure if they were manifested or projected by angels or demons or spirits as guides. I started creating initially with indian ink, illustrating each moment on paper ... it got to a point where I almost started to think I should join a Seminary because of the frequent visitations. I further studied various religions and ventured to India for 6 months as well as part of this study of Eastern and Western religion in Nepal and Thailand to find a deeper grasp on spirituality and consciousness.”
  • Category : PHOTOGRAPHY
  • Year : 2015
  • Size : 12(W) x 16(H) inch
  • Posting : 2016. 02. 12

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The decorative style and realistic content of this artwork generates a profusion of amusing feeling.
2018. 05. 31

Pankaj Joshi

Fuckk with me girl....
2017. 12. 20

faysalsentu sentu

The vivid style and poetic contents add to complete its lively mood overall.
2017. 11. 21

faysalsentu sentu

The style seems to be very vivid incorporating romantic contents which insinuates deep feeling.
2017. 11. 21

Bonnie yam

beautiful pic!!
2016. 02. 14

Arnold Ramirez Axistrizero

very nice!
2016. 02. 12