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My art examines the body in its extraordinary simplicity as biological, digital and aesthetic organism.
  • Category : NEW_MEDIA
  • Year : 2016
  • Posting : 2016. 03. 15

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Budh Priye Gautam

This well-formed art has the extreme style and contents that are bold. The creative atmosphere adds an extra thrust to this piece.
2017. 09. 19

Karin Bernsee

This artwork has structural style with its dramatic contents creating bizarre mood in general.
2017. 09. 18

Nikhil Sagpariya

This artwork is intensified with its animated style. It portrays sociopolitical contents and absorbing atmosphere.h
2017. 09. 18

Vijay King

This art is very classic and historical and the overall tone is very comfortable.
2017. 09. 18

Jãyãñth Jåi

The profound contents shows some features that counterbalances the childish style. The overall aura seems quite warm.
2017. 09. 15

Monica Marie Regina

In my opinion, the surreal style and candid contents are well orchestrated to create the beautiful mood.
2017. 09. 15

Didik Grindcore

The artist’s intention to create the nostalgic feeling has been well accomplished through its historical contents and monochrome style.
2017. 09. 13

Ramiro Balcaza

Es genial, me encanta
2017. 09. 04

Naved Justice

This art draws my attention with its ethnic style, realistic contents and well-presented amusing atmosphere.
2017. 09. 04

Fathe Fathe

The style is very pop along with its realistic contents. Also, it triggers the relaxed emotions.
2017. 08. 31

Shiekh Mubashir

The balanced style is arranged with profound contents and this artwork suggests miserable mood overall.
2017. 08. 30

Munish Kaura

This artwork explores balanced style with its realistic contents provoking tragic emotional responses.
2017. 08. 30

Pradip Tokbi Pradip

2017. 08. 29

Gentle-king Ibeh

This art is very balanced with its historical contents. Altogether, it seems to be cheerful.
2017. 08. 29

Md Imran

2017. 08. 26