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A Thousand Days

A Thousand Days


There's always something or someone stopping you from emerging into the bright side. It holds you back,it knows your fears and weaknesses therefor it uses it.
  • Category : PHOTOGRAPHY
  • Year : 2015
  • Total Edition No : 1
  • Size : 12(W) x 6(H) x 1(D) inch
  • Posting : 2015. 08. 14

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This unique piece of art is created in the obscure style to communicate narrative contents. I like its nostalgic tone.
2017. 09. 17

Adil Silfo

I like the genuine contents expressed in pop style. Together it brings out the absorbing atmosphere in this art.
2017. 08. 15

Kritartha Kashyap

The surreal style is carefully presented to embrace its poetic contents and deep has redefined the subject matter in monochromatic thoughts in an elegant way.
2017. 08. 13

Brunosa LP

This work’s delicate style is developed by realistic contents which creates the beautiful atmosphere.
2017. 08. 11

Bonnie yam

This is an interesting piece. The tedious mood goes well with both the obscure style and vicious contents.
2016. 10. 06

Suzy Yek

I find that the meaning behind this work was not apparent to me before reading the description/note. I can't convey the following iconography of a half white paint covered hands over the white painted face as 'holding back' or 'use', there is a lack of gesture or implication of such action which, could be improved. It would be useful for viewers if you are to give a description to why you used black and white photography as well.
2015. 08. 14