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A4 pen ink illustration. One of my earlier works, where I explored the use of the body as an environment for ecosystems to exist. The central idea was of decomposition and of life cycles, where the body - the vessel for other organisms - was rotting and disintegrating, yet other beings were thriving. The human is used here so we can better ‘empathise’ with an environment, rather than just see them as landscapes and places. It is made ambiguous whether it is a scene of despair or hope, and we see the scene for what it is - just another portrait of nature and how inevitable processes take place.
  • Category : DRAWING
  • Year : 2012
  • Total Edition No : 0
  • Posting : 2016. 05. 21

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Antoine Ouellet

C'est vraiment magnifique! J'adore cette œuvre! J'aimerais être capable d'en faire des semblables ??
2017. 03. 31

Milissa Leigh Petty

Love it
2017. 03. 14

Matt Holten

Very imaginative and detailed drawing work! Good job!
2017. 03. 07


wow~ nice detail works
2017. 02. 20


This is beautiful and so well thought out
2017. 02. 14

Suzy Mclntyre

The delicate style is expressed by imaginative contents developing inspiring mood.
2017. 01. 04

Anggi Louthfi

wonderful art
2016. 11. 25

Carrie Parker

The style seems to be very balanced incorporating profound contents which insinuates surreal feeling.
2016. 11. 04

Josh Dacumos

So inspiring
2016. 08. 31


2016. 08. 31

Eina Akino

wish i can download it
2016. 08. 12

Eina Akino

The geometric style works well with its enigmatic contents and impressive feeling.would love this on my skin
2016. 08. 12

Shawn Baggins

Very impressive
2016. 05. 22