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A Bold Lip


Mixed Media
  • Category : COLLAGE
  • Year : 2016
  • Posting : 2016. 05. 25

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모질이 십오억번 Han

Ah coooool
2017. 12. 03

Khan Arbaaz

I like its surreal style with realistic contents. Also the peaceful atmosphere completes this art.
2017. 10. 30

Maria Signorino

The expressive style of this artwork is completed with its realistic contents with the impression of inspiring feeling.
2017. 08. 14

Marilena Fineanno

The decorative style inlays graphic content that reveals inspiring imagery.
2017. 08. 10

Kalpana Bhosale

This artwork’s expressive style is completed by feminist contents and inspiring aura overall.
2017. 08. 01

Tudorița Susarenco

I’m attached to its conceptual contents. The style seems rather crude but the peaceful mood ties everything together.
2017. 07. 30


The plain style elaborates its uncomfortable contents bringing out the beautiful atmosphere in this art.
2017. 07. 29

Heather Strickland

I think that it has abstract style and its contents are rather sensual. The aggressive mood seems to stand out in this work.
2017. 07. 27

Goldie Izzy

i love it!
2017. 01. 03

Anne Sinkler

The sensual style and optimistic contents are dominated by inspiring impression of the artwork.
2016. 06. 01

Clara Shin

This art is extravagant and captivating harmonizing to present the erotic contents.
2016. 06. 01

BBuzzArt Curated

Congrats! This original work is being featured at BBuzzArt Facebook page.
2016. 05. 28

Bonnie yam

The pop style of artwork is harmonized with its irritating contents bringing out the deep mood in the piece.
2016. 05. 27