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  • Category : PAINTING
  • Posting : 2016. 05. 27

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Elcin Balcik

The artist’s expressive style expressed through its realistic contents creating dreamy mood.
2017. 08. 11

Scott Anders

On top of the great work I feel like I'm some how connected to the subject and want to help .Must be what makes a work of art a masterpiece
2017. 06. 03

Bum June Kim

great masterpiece
2017. 05. 19

sidney morgan

The candid contents are elaborated in the symbolic style and its beautiful tone sets a well-balanced feeling.
2017. 05. 06

Claire La Palm

This painting’s elegant style is described by its encouraging contents gives creative feeling.
2017. 04. 21

Emma Wood

You captured a sense of simplicty and beauty. Very expressive colors !
2017. 04. 12

Pritha Natasha

i love this's so emotional
2017. 04. 05

Estella Hewitt

This art shows the artist’s surreal style. Its genuine contents in peaceful atmosphere is also relevant to support the perspective of this artist.
2017. 04. 02

Fiona Mura

2017. 04. 02

Maivy Dinh

The style of this painting is truly animated with its imaginative contents. Overall creating warm emotion.
2017. 03. 24

Angela Ewanss

2016. 11. 14

Emily Kate Coyne

So much emotion in this piece
2016. 10. 22

Portia Englund

Her eyes capture you and force you to empathize. Well played
2016. 09. 12

Melba Dufour

Love this it's deep I can look into her heart and soul.
2016. 09. 04

Ashley Chanet

The pictorial symphony of this painting’s decorative style and realistic contents embodies its captivating feeling.
2016. 08. 09