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Empty Vessel


It feels like I'm empty inside.
I feel like I'm an empty vessel.
Waiting to be filled.
Waiting for someone.
For something.
But it also feels like
I'm waiting for nothing.
  • Category : PHOTOGRAPHY
  • Year : 2016
  • Posting : 2016. 06. 24

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Honey Sharma

The ethnic style of this art is created with contents that are imaginative. I like how this piece brings comfortable emotions.
2017. 10. 21

Hardik A Ghetiya

2017. 09. 26

Michael Knight

The distinct style and profound contents of this artwork draw the viewer’s attention towards its absorbing emotion.
2017. 09. 24


2017. 09. 16

Vicky Singh

The dull feeling seem to bring out the childish style of this artwork along with its bold contents.
2017. 09. 09

Jin Byun

Amazing photography! It's so cool how the figure's gesture is read almost sensual at first sight, but the void body changes the read completely!
2017. 08. 29

Bernard Muriuki

This artwork is created in authentic style which is very appealing and it is completed with the dramatic contents and relaxed feeling.
2017. 08. 27

Shudhodhan Maske

The mundane contents and peaceful feeling are well presented in its childish style.
2017. 08. 24

Myo Chik Ko

The plain style, disturbing contents and empty emotion! All the elements in this artwork are unified to create such an impeccable piece.
2017. 08. 23

Vikas Kadela

I like the peaceful atmosphere that is overlaying in this artwork. The encouraging contents and obscure style are enhancing its overall theme.
2017. 08. 06

பாரிவள்ளல் செ

The poetic contents are elaborated in the classic style and its creative tone sets a well-balanced feeling.
2017. 08. 05

Prâbhjøt Sîngh

This work has distinct style and the contents are quite mythical. Overall, it gives me calm feeling.
2017. 08. 05

Anna Hasan

This art seems to be geometric. The historical contents combined with mysterious atmosphere produce this extraordinary piece.
2017. 08. 05

Revan Ramadhan

The style of this piece can be described as extreme. The contents are quite candid when combined with its absorbing mood.
2017. 08. 01

Waseem Ansari

The cynical contents are well illustrated in inspiring atmosphere and plain style.
2017. 07. 30