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Sunset Blvd. *Think Of Me


Think Of Me.
Sunset Blvd.
The Most Beautiful Girl (2008).

I was born in a filthy dusty small town nearside a river, there, where the west begins. People said I was the most beautiful girl. The most beautiful girl, in the whole world. My father was a salesman. He was there for me till all my memories were starting to grow. He left us one day to find his california dream. To send us money. Provide us food. Prosperity. Never saw him again. ....

My mother re-married cause she believes in what is called a couple. And what a couple can do. She used to say that you can tell a man by his hair and a woman by her manners. She never left town. Had a fear of bridges. Never dared to cross the bridge. But she thinks she had a happy life and Im ok with that.....

Life is cruel. So has been my ex husband. He fell in love with me just before the prom.. Now he lives two states away, east, working on the insurance business. Thinking back I believe that love is a one hit wonder. An ace you draw the right time just when you only need an ace for the flush. You usually end up with a high card or a pair but you always go for the flush

Now I spend my days drinking, smoking, wandering. Looking for serenity.

Im cheating my life with these one dime losers standing in front of this bench. Waiting for a cup of black coffee and their late night scrambled eggs. Sometimes with a shot of whiskey. Most of the times just eggs.

What kills me is I m getting 40 and I have to fight for every dollar Ill ever make. What kills me is that I fight with all my strength left. Fight with all my strength left. What Kills me is that I got no spare change for you. What kills me is that I fight with all my strength left...

Every night I return home if you can call a trailer home, I like to stand in front of the mirror and comb my blonde hair. Im combing it for hours. Till its straight and shiny. Every inch of it. And all the times I remember them saying, with all my strength left. Honey youre the most beautiful girl. The most beautiful girl in the whole world...

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