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Entangled v1


Man is the only creature whose emotions are entangled with his memory - Marjorie Holmes
My art examines the body in its extraordinary simplicity as biological, digital and aesthetic organism.
  • Category : NEW_MEDIA
  • Posting : 2016. 09. 28

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Reminds me of quantum entanglement which I believe exits among people.
2017. 02. 16

Subro Sarker

2016. 10. 05

Daniel Kareski

stiches that the body utilizes to connect itself to other objects and subjects
2016. 09. 30

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Congrats! This original work is being featured at BBuzzArt Facebook page.
2016. 09. 30

Jun Kim

The artist’s distinctive style which is rather abstract is presented in the surreal atmosphere to communicate its drastic contents.
2016. 09. 30