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Conflicting metaphysics

Conflicting metaphysics


  • Category : PAINTING
  • Year : 2014
  • Total Edition No : 1
  • Size : 50(W) x 60(H) x 2(D) cm
  • Materials : oil on canvas
  • Posting : 2015. 08. 30

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Ольга Опехтина

thank u
2017. 08. 11


The style and content are very bold.and its point is very strong and clear. The figure looks very vivid and this help and enhance this the meaning the author's trying to convey.
2017. 04. 21

Cedrik Ernest Cadyhill

I like how smooth everything is.
2017. 03. 08

Jun Kim

This artwork is quite surreal as far as style is concerned. The contents tend to be somewhat insulting and interestingly enough this piece induces the liberating emotion.
2017. 02. 20

Jeanene Serna

I like the obscure style of your work. It depicts cynical contents with the impressive atmosphere that sets the overall tone of the piece.
2017. 02. 02


This photo has a lot of emotion to it
2017. 01. 17

Andryos De Souza

Wow impressive!
2017. 01. 09

Idris Daulat

This work’s figurative style is developed by sensational contents which creates the inspiring atmosphere.
2017. 01. 05


The style of this painting is quite emblematic, and the contents are very conceptual which creates the overall impressive mood.
2016. 12. 30

Gwen Diamond

Bravo! Unbelievable!
2016. 12. 29

Suzy Mclntyre

The style of this painting is quite elaborate, and the contents are very symbolic which creates the overall sublime mood.
2016. 12. 12


The artist’s choice of bold style and dramatic contents addresses the sublime feeling.
2016. 08. 03


This is one of my favourite pieces of art! Your mind is amazing and so is your talent.
2015. 11. 07

Victor Fota

In the center there is the eye with the self reflection representing the search for "god". On the left there's science with the conceptual part represented by time and space, and the physical part represented by earth, water, air and fire. On the right side there's religion, the conceptual part is represented by the Law tablet, "Heruvims" and "Serafims" which are unseen, and the physical part is represented by the church, lamb and the apple tree. These two side are conflincting with each other.
2015. 10. 16


Very intriguing!!
2015. 10. 16