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wish you were here.

wish you were here.


  • Category : PAINTING
  • Year : 2015
  • Total Edition No : 1
  • Size : 11(W) x 8.5(H) inch
  • Posting : 2015. 09. 02

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2018. 10. 18

Andra Stan

It captures the emptiness one feels when missing someone...
2017. 12. 10


Pink Floyd
2016. 10. 18


Love this, the different shades in every person. Because nothing is black or white, and we all wear our own shade. And some of us have stark ones and others have faded ones, and some shades are sad and others are numb and if you look at it from afar, all you see is blurry grey forms. It reminds me of when you're at the top of a building and you look down and you watch the people, in their blurry grey mess and wonder if they are lonely.
2015. 09. 09

Annabelle Sigmond

The simplicity of this is just so amazing and it amplifies the message of your piece so much and the title is really beautiful and I just really enjoy this piece.
2015. 09. 09


really nice
2015. 09. 08

Natalia Arango López

2015. 09. 07

Johnny E. Chaccour

love your style!
2015. 09. 06

Joe Nicholas

this exudes a pure and beautiful loneliness. i love it!
2015. 09. 05


I think those transparencies are him. He is gone but he is in memory, never fails. I always remember that where we were together. I love this! Xx
2015. 09. 05

Danae Cloud

I like this. it's as if we can see with the transparency, each persons sort of "level" of loneliness. perhaps how alone they feel in that given sitting. interesting.
2015. 09. 05

Louie Lugue

The artwork, placing emphasis on the transparencies, may actually depict the possible feeling of fright when the feelings are fading out due to the extended absence of the person.I wish you are here.Good job!
2015. 09. 04


I like how you've played with the transparency.. It really does explain a lot about how we feel when we're around people.
2015. 09. 04

Yel Barua

this actually made me want to write a piece on the art of waiting for the write one.
2015. 09. 02

Ob Cordis

You really hit the nail on the head, so explanatory
2015. 09. 02