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One day all this will be yours

One day all this will be yours


I felt the need, in the course of time, to identify an essential code: the desire, maybe the urge, to push my work towards a formula of synthesis capable of expressing the drawings of my thoughts in a clean and instant attractiveness. I sacrificed the use of color. I wanted to reduce the variables, to go along the inside conflict of my conscious state on a graphic level. In other words, the operation might unveil ingenuous reflexes, but the tension that pushes the thought to the extreme limit of contradiction is precisely human. We are not able to imagine death: it does not produce images. We are also unable to crystalize the source of our thinking process, the self, therefore the fundament of life. I grasp my being as a transaction between two essential conditions that, however, I cannot see. And it’s between these two extremities, in a recursive ring, that my thinking substance consumes. I am, we are, the grey tone that elapses between black and white. The same grey that gives volume to the draperies I paint, draperies that in turn give volume to an empty figure that reveals in truth the absence during the act of searching and self-questioning. The challenge, in my opinion, is to reach to an esthetic, to an intrinsic beauty of image, that yes, conveys a content, but a content that, as a last extreme paradox, expresses the inexpressible: nothing.
  • Category : PAINTING
  • Year : 2014
  • Size : 59(W) x 88(H) x 1(D) cm
  • Posting : 2016. 12. 02

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Shweatnisha Singh

The most expressible form of art, I have ever seen before. You uses "no colour" droppings that symbolizes all the primary colours. "Black" absorbs all the colours and "white" reflects all the colours. Your painting speaks alot about your heart and mind. Figures with no faces has faces of the creeping viewers themselves. Amazingly beautiful 👌👌👌👏 All the best for your Art works.
2019. 06. 07

Richard Silvaggio

Thanks for the kind words and consideration. I guess i decided to become an artist in the wrong period. It's tough...very tough. Best regards
2017. 01. 25

Matt Holten

Is it a painting for real? If so, then you are a super genius. I am really surprised by the fact that you are not yet popular in the art world.
2017. 01. 25