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beauty in the eye

beauty in the eye


Recreational Piece
  • Category : PHOTOGRAPHY
  • Year : 2015
  • Posting : 2017. 01. 10

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It is a really beautiful work. It's amazing!
2018. 10. 17

-Karamel- Dn

This art draws my attention with its futurist style, realistic contents and well-presented exotic atmosphere.
2018. 02. 14

sri laxmi .artmedia media

I like the balanced style of this artwork, it presents vulgar contents with creative feeling that sets the overall mood the work.
2018. 02. 12

Onidia Ciriello

To me, this artwork seems to represent expressive style with its poetic contents leading to bring out dreamy mood.
2018. 02. 12

Abhi Alfarizky

All the elements of this artwork makes its style decorative. The content is quite feminist with its peaceful feeling.
2018. 02. 07

Swargesh Sannakki

Talking about the overall style, it is manipulative. I like the narrative contents putting together with dull atmosphere in this art.
2018. 02. 05

Joseph Streber

The style is quite surreal and the contents are fairy sociopolitical. Together it is creating an atmosphere that can be seen as mysterious.
2018. 02. 04

Mario Gama

All the elements of this artwork makes its style expressive. The content is quite poetic with its warm feeling.
2018. 02. 03

Benjamin Conde Castro

The style seems to be quite refined, while the contents are fairly erotic. This artwork stimulates peaceful emotion from the audience.
2018. 02. 01

Yuliana Premyati Tantrywulan Lau

I would say that this art has expressive and historical impressions. In general it’s really cheerful.
2018. 01. 26

Madasamy Chellapandi

See the world with a sharp eye!
2018. 01. 19

D.Daniel Croft, Jr. (Danny)

@Dirk Wedekind what do you even mean? Animated artwork to bring out tragic emotion from the audience? Some of y’all use the adjective algorithm way too much and it comes off sounding like unintelligible rubbish.!
2018. 01. 15

D.Daniel Croft, Jr. (Danny)

I really love the way ppl use the adjective algorithm. Ha! “Insulting contents to create the deep atmosphere.” Lmao what does that even mean!?! Haha it makes you sound like a snooty freaking art snob.
This is an awesome photo. I love the contrast of blue to monochrome and I’m planning on drawing this on a big scale. I will name you as the photographer.
2018. 01. 15


I really like the symbolic style of this artwork. The contents are quite humanistic and it has the deep mood overall.
2018. 01. 12

C Noël Kennard

2018. 01. 10