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  • Category : PAINTING
  • Posting : 2017. 01. 17

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Gaurav Siswal

I think you can give that name to this painting BLUR because when we get confused every body feel like that but only for some few second
2017. 09. 20

ভাৰ্গৱ জ্যোতি বৰা

The style of this artwork is very expressive and the contents are quite romantic, overall it seems really calm to me.
2017. 09. 11

Kobir Sumon

2017. 09. 10

Sunny Silk

The overall style of this artwork is delicate, yet the contents are bit pessimistic for its relaxed atmosphere.
2017. 09. 09

Gahyun Kim

I really like this artwork. The style is quite monochrome with narrative contents. The overall mood seems to be somewhat calm.
2017. 09. 08

Rahul Dev Anad

The refined style is expressed mostly through its genuine content and subtle atmosphere.
2017. 09. 07

Asri Syam

The style of this artwork is very classic with contents that are more pessimistic. Overall this piece is atmospherically creative
2017. 09. 07

Kobir Sumon

The combination of this artwork’s symbolic style and dramatic contents evokes overwhelming atmosphere in this piece.
2017. 08. 29

Augusto Reinoso Orlandi

I find the vibrant contents and liberating feeling of this art very appealing. The style on the other hand seems to be rather obscure, congratulations!!
2017. 08. 17

Sanghyuk Michael Jang

2017. 08. 10

Sanghyuk Michael Jang

This artwork’s futurist style is conveyed with its depressing contents inducing the overwhelming feeling in general.
2017. 08. 10

Erika Boo

2017. 08. 07

Art Deleon

nice work..reminds me of the typhoon in our country were the pictures were flash by floods and it looks like this..
2017. 04. 19

Samar Hyder

Love it. Depressing, distorted yet one can read the expressions.
2017. 04. 12


The obscure style of this art defines its depressing contents to support the chaotic feeling of the piece.
2017. 03. 23