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Mind Blown


3D sculpture
  • Category : NEW_MEDIA
  • Posting : 2017. 02. 27

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Biswajit Mandal

The style is very abstract along with its romantic contents. Also, it triggers the mysterious emotions.
2017. 09. 18

Baldev Sinh Parmar

The style of this painting is animated with romantic contents. This combination generates creative aura.
2017. 08. 28

क्षत्रिया सत्य मन्हास

The expressive style of approach seems to contrast the offensive contents of this artwork constructing exotic mood overall.
2017. 08. 27

Rameshwar Dhiwar

The style of this piece is minimal and its contents seem a little depressing. These aspects come together to create the exotic mood in this art.
2017. 08. 27

Sayani Das

2017. 08. 02

Simon Benfeldt Jørgensen

The overall mood seems to be creative. I am greatly impressed by its outdated style and poetic contents.
2017. 07. 31

Ajãy Kumãr

At a glance, this artwork portrays delicate style with its humanistic contents. I was impressed by its overall dreamy atmosphere.
2017. 07. 29


This art presents a coherence among the monochrome style, imaginative contents, and comfortable atmosphere.
2017. 07. 29

Rohan Hrangkhawl

The artist shows distinct style with contents that are quite mythical. The artwork seems very deep to me.
2017. 07. 28

Vinod Kumar Panika

This artwork explores the pop style with its uncomfortable contents. It brings out the overwhelming emotional responses from the viewer.bbh
2017. 07. 26

Sagar Paul

This artwork is classic stylistically and the contents are narrative. It’s definitely a optical piece.
2017. 07. 26

Firoj Ansari

The style, which is quite authentic with candid contents, harmonizes very well with inspiring atmosphere in this artwork.
2017. 07. 24

Kandi Srinivas Nayee

The classic style and sensual appearance of the contents of this artwork arouses exotic feeling.
2017. 07. 22

Kushu Banna

This artwork’s expressive style is maximized with its witty contents inducing tragic atmosphere.
2017. 07. 21

Chetan Maheshwari

To me, this artwork seems to represent figurative style with its mundane contents leading to bring out deep mood.
2017. 07. 21