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Media, delusion, lies, subconscious messages, easy power over human minds, numbness, lack of sensibility and empathy, loneliness, digging holes for nothing, disorientation, anxiety, disconnection, alienation, detachment. Ignorance and disinterest in search for comfort. "We are free!!! We can be whatever we want!!! We can do whatever we want! We have right to!!" Looking for acceptance. Because we need someone to tell us we are alright. We lost our discernment too long ago to decide weather is the best way or not, the way we take, and to be able to live our life in peace with ourself and others without imposition of our methods. Forgetting that freedom is great responsibility. Parading through the streets raising our voices and lowering our frequencies. Too involved in the whole whirl of chaos prepared for us from someone else's mind. It's a trap! Let alone what you think you want and stop fighting windmills and spinning in circles for a second. All we need is within our selves. Stop thinking and feel for once who you are! That is all you need to be. Dig deeper! It's not easy to hold the whole burden and the mess we have made on our backs. But freedom is not for the weak and dejected in search of short term satisfaction, comfort and distraction. Freedom is for warriors who strip themselves naked of skin and ego and expose their souls, underlay their back and hold on, and thrust, not allowing that chaos to crush the last bit of humanity. Balancing on the edge.
  • Category : PAINTING
  • Year : 2015
  • Total Edition No : 1
  • Size : 36(W) x 60(H) x 0.7(D) inch
  • Posting : 2015. 09. 09

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2016. 06. 23

Rolando Huidobro Pablo Rokha

Foto descargar
2016. 01. 03

Mateja Schmitz

Tank you all! :)
2015. 12. 28

Yomna Bassam

everytime I take a look at this drawing, am falling in love with it allover again
2015. 12. 27

Cari Jo Blain

I love the shapes, the colors, the technique, the story. Do you ever use other media, say collage in your paintings? I would love to see little bits of collage in your piece to drive your idea home. Either that or details in some of your building structures. Your expression is impeccable.
2015. 12. 18

Drazen Pavlovic

:) ... an excellent piece !
2015. 09. 10