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wine bottle and glass

wine bottle and glass


I am a both singularity and Big Bang; both are evolving here as ‘Artefact materialism’.


Compare to my life span with the whole time and the space of the cosmos very, very minute, but I want to fill whole time and space of the cosmos in my life span. What I perceive, visual and verbal thinking from vast nature I like to apply same vast nature by my positive and negative aspects (and styles of art) lead by anyone and other adopt this or just pure visual of my art. Mostly verbal thinking follows visual. I am not mere observer intuition’s observer. So I follow my nature all reasons in this.

Here I shift the total mass of reality. In addition, the matter of reality is purposeless and we cannot predict the shape of the formation, so it is abstract for me. Artefact materialism is for my non-abstract, so it leads the abstract of reality. With the influence of scientific discipline, its fiction fantasy stories and philosophies. With single angle objects, have double metaphors, proceed with a 'multimedia-conceptual art' and has a two-dimensional magnetic field.

How many times, does the Big Bang repeat, a hundred times, a million times? Imagine how many times was this conscious (Life) born? I do not know. I firmly believe that if the substance of the Big Bang repeated and continues to exist, then the ‘repeated conscious’ memories that it carries should also be co-existing. My brain may experience these memories like an antenna; Due to I obsessed by it. It may include customs, culture, and so on. Perhaps I experience something from it, which is already here, I don’t know. It is an enigma. I send my art and knowingly of ‘repeated conscious’ as a memory to next Big Bang. I desire my work stand not alone for the conscious of now and completely conscious culture.


Materialism tells matter is primary. In this evolution, the life and artifacts are secondary. We cannot control the evolution of the matter. But through fiction, I am creating an ’artifact materialism’.

My concept is that artifact is primary. Every other thing derived from it, like life and
Nature, are secondary. For example, a helicopter is at a particular place. Somebody does not create it, it created by itself. For this helicopter to fly, space and place created by itself.

Artifacts assumed, as atoms are fundamental material, which are less visual play, need imaginative. I interpret the only the surface which functions unlike reality from inside to out side (unimaginable or paradoxical), because object solid without any division unlike atoms. For instance, grape plant originates from a drop of wine by with a remote, the drop exists in the bottle, but the plant springs up another canvas. Substance moves with the light speed, but see in stillness. Here, sound of river as "boat" "boat"... These are my rules of bizarre and not limited. Every object has a story. Behind the canvas, I stick a piece of magnet for artefact, metaphor for power.

My childhood fantasy was, use water from taps but for trees, and when I looked at the rain, I would imagine a bigger tap in the sky, means happiness. Nowadays every time I surrounded by air, which commanded by AC (Air Conditioner), so detached from nature, it is melancholy. Like other experiences go on...

  • Category : PAINTING
  • Year : 2015
  • Total Edition No : -1
  • Size : 22(W) x 22(H) x 1.5(D) inch
  • Materials : acrylic on canvas
  • Posting : 2017. 04. 13

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