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In this image I took up western society's masculine ideal- although the body is hidden we see a young man with chiselled bone structure and classically beautiful features. Here, this young man is barely staying above water. His expression shows his exhaustion of struggling to keep afloat amongst the oil slicked water. The polluted water he is emerged in almost completely engulfs the figure. His gaze is intended to confront and engage the viewer, opening a dialogue about male beauty and society.
  • Category : PAINTING
  • Year : 2015
  • Size : 24(W) x 24(H) inch
  • Posting : 2017. 04. 18

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2022. 10. 11

Manoj Manu

You created an art that has the obscure style with realistic contents. The overall mood is quite beautiful.
2018. 01. 23

Soo Jin Lee

This painting contains lonely mood in it.
2018. 01. 22


I love everything you've created here: the painting, the words used to describe it, the conversation 'below the surface'. Very interesting, extremely creative.
2017. 06. 23

Erick Beltran Navas

All the elements of this artwork makes its style expressive. The content is quite mythical with its deep feeling.
2017. 06. 17

Alondra Martinez

I am fond of the authentic style putting together with bold contents and beautiful feeling.
2017. 06. 03

Rodolfo Willumsen Gulicz Winnikes

The style is authentic and the humanistic contents are compatible with its deep atmosphere. Well executed work of art!
2017. 05. 23

Gustavo Torres

The style itself is fairly surreal. Furthermore, I find the imaginative contents and creative atmosphere interesting.
2017. 05. 15

Thomas Kerrigan

I like it. It's something else.
2017. 05. 14

Czar Zar

2017. 04. 26

Kirk Gower

The provoking atmosphere is well expressed through its depressing contents. Comprehensively, I can say that this artwork has the surreal style.
2017. 04. 19