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InchunDapdong Catholic Church

InchunDapdong Catholic Church


Representation of roof towering in the wind, in the Years of the flow, changes in Market Street.

Outer wall brick, thickness of Years…….

Thereby, the red light fade.

When I look at the Catholic Church reflected in the sunlight, so far things are, nostalgic.

Grazes my ear wind leads the mind finely.

It living in a Catholic had many changes in life.

What kind heart to bring it should live looking back at me,

Communication with people, learn …….

Some of the work gave life to advance one step.

However, requires much learning than still,

It was supposed to be to know the seriousness of dye the mind in the figure.

Dapdong Catholic Church work, start of, was in 2011.

For multiple tasks and things

Always Catholic Church the long been completed, I was waiting in silence.

I was not quiet.

Moreover, it was causing the trouble and making noise with friends.

Such it difficult to father I was naughty.

Dapdong Cathedral pastor of the current (2013) is a father who gave me the infant baptism.

While the work because it is the first father in life,

I got it to express with great more great affection.
  • Category : PAINTING
  • Year : 2013
  • Total Edition No : 1
  • Size : 100(W) x 60(H) x 3(D) cm
  • Posting : 2015. 09. 13

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Bonnie yam

The style of this artwork is emblematic and the contents are quite aesthetic. I think this art brings me the refreshing feeling.
2016. 06. 16


The colours make this piece so fun and attractive.
2015. 11. 07