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Artist's Block #2

Artist's Block #2


Artist's Block #2
The other day I was spending some time in my "secret" spot with my good friend, Harrison. It's this really awesome spot up above a fancy neighborhood called Pepperwood in Sandy, Utah. I'm obviously not going to give the exact location because then it wouldn't be a "secret" anymore, would it? The spot is on top of a nice sized hill with a bunch of trees & overlooks the valley. My dad's house is at the bottom of the hill & can be seen clearly. I should also add that Harrison's dad lives with my dad making it a pretty sweet bachelor pad. Anyway, Harrison & I had strung up our hammocks & were doing our usual daydreaming & sketching when I fell asleep & had the most unnerving dream that I took as premonition. I dreamt that my dad was cleaning up the front room of his house when a car crashed through the front door & killed him in the process. The dream was so real that I jolted awake in my hammock startling my friend. I told him & he agreed with me that if there was anyway my "premonition" was real, that we should get back to the house as fast as possible. So, without even undoing the hammocks, we took off on foot back down to the house. We ran into the house & sure enough, there my dad was, in the front room next to the door rearranging the furniture. Harrison & I were pretty shook up so as we were screaming at him to move, I grabbed him by the collar & moved him safely from the door. Of course, no car came through the door BUT my friend's dad did. He came through the door holding a shotgun & aimed it right at me. I'll never forget the look he had in his eyes. Right as I saw this, I took off running through the door that led to the kitchen & heard the gun go off, hitting the door frame & sending splinters flying all around me. With my ears ringing, I took off running through the rest of the house & taking the hallway back to the front room as I could hear Harrison's dad following me through the house. If I could make it to the front room, I was sure I could make it out the front door & to safety. As I came flying out of the hallway & into the front room again, I tripped on the furniture my dad had been rearranging earlier. I hit the floor & turned around to see Harrison's dad standing right behind me, holding the shotgun directly at my face once again. Just as he went to pull the trigger, my dad jumped on top of me out of nowhere, sacrificing himself for me.. After the initial shock, I looked up to see Harrison's dad re-aiming the shotgun at me & just as he went to pull the trigger, I heard a loud bang & his eyes exploded from his face. As his body fell to the floor, I saw Harrison standing behind him, shaking wth his arms stretched out directly in front of him holding a now smoking handgun that was aimed where his dad's head was just before. He had a single tear running down his cheek. He had saved my life along with my dad..
We had hurried to the house to save my dad's life not knowing that he would save mine..
Instagram: tlamph
Snapchat: lampherz
Tyler Lamph Art
  • Category : DRAWING
  • Year : 2017
  • Posting : 2017. 06. 16

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Scott Anders

I absolutely love this all your art is amazing but this is so utterly fantastic and deeply creative,btw you added the story for effect,no!
2017. 06. 17