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Triangular (Of The Ascent And Two Repetition Substances

Triangular (Of The Ascent And Two Repetition Substances


The issue of the differences between the social individual may be the main topic In addition to the emergence of new problems that caused the problem was like Tolerance-intolerance, dualism, right and wrong, and so on. Form Response from the basic state of an individual on one side stands alone and side Others merge into other individuals who also stand on their own toward an object Single to achieve that I can call self-transcendence without involving ones Right and wrong, regardless of the nature of different individuals. Blue and red Represents two things with different substances but something The other when viewed from a different point of view. The concept of a triangle of three is part of the human element as a creature Multi-dimensional, ie body, soul, and Spirit. Can be attributed also through the concept of individuality Human as an individual who has 3 levels of spiritual, emotional and rational. The repetition of the horizontal line inside the triangle plane is illustrative From harmony between human relations to a single point.
  • Category : OTHERS
  • Year : 2017
  • Total Edition No : 1
  • Size : 170(W) x 170(H) x 170(D) cm
  • Materials : Canvas, Knitting Yarn
  • Posting : 2017. 06. 16

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Esa Apriansyah

This symbolic work of art is manifested through its narrative contents which creates bizarre feeling.
2017. 10. 12