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there are no bright lights or signs of evil behind the doors around you ,what im trying to show is the opposite of how u know when evil lurks next door.They always say ,we had no idea they were so quiet and hardly noticed anything was wrong ...also part of my train shots .i want to cover many of them in totally unique ways...thanks to everyone who liked this or gave me some sort of accknowledgement on this .as i was unhappy with the end product it has become one of my favorite works ever .I was offered a chance to do several more like this for a cash reward .that i refused ,as this is personal to me now .it taught me that i need to look at my stuff with a new set of eyes after some time as a result this is for me and you guys at buzzart that have been so nice to me and taught me a lesson .thanks please give poetry a spot with more distinction!!!!alot of us miss posting and there are quite a few talents here that im missing badly .
  • Category : NEW_MEDIA
  • Posting : 2017. 06. 19

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