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[BBuzzShow@Prague] Top 6 FAQ

[BBuzzShow@Prague] Top 6 FAQ


1. I don’t see call for submission materials on BBuzzArt website. How do I apply?
-Please find submission details in the following link:

2. How many works can I submit?
-As many as you want! All the works with the correct hashtag (#BBuzzShowPrague) on BBuzzArt will be considered for BBuzzShow@Prague. However, be mindful that the number of works you upload does not affect the chances of getting selected. Make sure to keep up the good work!

3. Is there any limit on size or medium?
-No, you can submit any size or any type of artwork. Do not forget to add #BBuzzShowPrague in tagline.

4. Is there a submission fee?
-There is no entry fee! It is free of charge.

5. If selected, how does the shipping process work? Is there any fee I need to cover?
-BBuzzArt fully covers the shipping of artwork regardless of geographical region. We take care of exhibition rental, PR, and any other exhibition-related costs. Selected artists will not be required to pay anything for BBuzzShow@Prague. You have nothing to pay!

6. Are artists invited to BBuzzShow@Prague?
-Of course! You are more than welcome to attend BBuzzShow@Prague in July, 2017. However, we do not cover the cost of your trip.

7. What if I have trouble getting logged into BBuzzArt?
-Regarding any tech issues, please send an email to with a screenshot of your error page. BBuzzArt’s tech team will take you from there.
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  • Posting : 2017. 06. 19

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Juan Valdes

This appealing piece has abstract style with vibrant contents and inspiring feeling.
2017. 06. 26

Sugathi Putranto

It's a great opportunity to show our work to the world. I'm from Indonesia, if my painting have been selected, then the shipping overseas etc. will be covered . But after the event finished, and the painting is not sold, is the painting going to be send back to me? Is there any imigration tax I have to pay?
Thank you.
2017. 06. 22