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I was inspired by the visuals of the modern adaptation of the movie "Ghost in the Shell." I just love the stunning visuals of the movie and it was just full of eye candy and pleasure for me. I was brought back to the time when cyberpunk was the thing. A world of All neon lights and colorful holograms where everyone from anywhere has, at least, one prosthetic part on their body. A symbol about the violent society their in, contradicting the ambiance of all the colors and lights displayed in a cyberpunk city. This illustration is not so futuristic but it is full of neon or LED lights emitting either cyan or magenta colors. These two characters are just not telling much about what is happening in it. But I imagined it like they are both walking away from either a crime scene or they're getting into a fight. In terms of how I made this, it took longer than I expected because I wasn't sure about what I wanted it to look like. It had gone through a lot of changes and this was the 13 change from the raw final. This was the first time that I made a densely layered digital artwork consisting of 190 layers, all reflections and highlights and textures were individually layered. It became a one week 'project' for me than my usual full day works. This was one of the best I've made so far and I'll be proud of this for a long time.
  • Category : DRAWING
  • Year : 2017
  • Posting : 2017. 07. 07

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