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Listen to my beat II


For a group show titled "Audible Trouble"

As cliché as it sounds, this group exhibition is about sound, however it does not entirely make explicit the influence of sound and music on the paintings nor attempt to fuse art and music, but rather it is an attempt to explain sound and the affect it has on the artists and their respective creative process. With each artist having their own musical inclination, the intention of the group was to gather the effects of their sound-based practices or musical preferences and acknowledge how it shapes each of their artistic practice and visual expression. The influence of sound may vary from as simple as evoking the working mood or channeling emotions, to having audible sound vibrations initiate certain creative brain states, depending on how the artist approaches his reception to sound. The paintings made for Audible Trouble cracks at the physiological, psychological, cognitive and behavioral effects triggered by sound and the significance of its relationship to art making, although the subject have not generally been regarded as serious topics for scholarly investigation, it still is noteworthy to develop a clearer understanding of what ideas are being communicated to us by these artists by listening to the visual frequencies of their paintings. -Bjorn Calleja
  • Category : PAINTING
  • Year : 2017
  • Size : 48(W) x 36(H) inch
  • Materials : Acrylic
  • Posting : 2017. 07. 19

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Dohwa Jina Kim

This is amazing! 
2018. 06. 01


To me, this artwork seems to represent distinct style with its feminist contents leading to bring out peaceful mood.
2017. 10. 09

Bee Won

The decorative style is expressed mostly through its humanistic content and calm atmosphere.
2017. 09. 11


2017. 08. 12

Amir Rockabirry

This art is very figurative and feminist and the overall tone is very absorbing.
2017. 08. 09


The futurist style is very appealing to me. Contents are somewhat imaginative with optical feeling.
2017. 08. 05

Daniela Ecobici

I think its symbolic style and poetic contents are successfully blended in together to make this piece very calm.
2017. 07. 28