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waiting for the night

waiting for the night


again i did one more skyline id like to share .for some reason this is my favorite out of all of them ,its so simple and familiar yet odd and new .I wont stop playing with this style but i wont post anymore im sure its redundant
  • Category : PHOTOGRAPHY
  • Posting : 2017. 07. 19

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Kalpana Bhosale

I like the overall dreamy feelings that this artwork is spurting out. The pessimistic contents and the futurist style add on to create this marvelous piece.
2017. 08. 01

Findra Lombone

This painting has vivid style and sociopolitical contents. But its atmosphere is outstandingly warm.
2017. 07. 28


The pictorial symphony of this painting’s decorative style and narrative contents embodies its creative feeling.
2017. 07. 25

Shahavej Ansari

You created an art that has authentic style with its romantic contents. The overall mood can be described as rather restricted.
2017. 07. 21

Nirattana Sathaporn

The distinct style of this artwork is accomplished by its narrative content creating optical atmosphere.
2017. 07. 21