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One of my latest pieces, merging fantastical aesthetics and influence of phantasmagoric narratives. While I am still exploring different styles and concepts to implement in my work I have always found my ideas to fall in line with surrealistic art. Much like the frontmen of Surrealism, I attempt to illustrate imagery that spontanely comes to me as a result of my emotionality. The media used with this drawing were black pen and colour pencils.

A bird in a pomegranate is in itself an obscure thing to see. But its deeper meaning may hold insight to my own insecurities and longings. The bird's uncanny state raises doubt of its vitality - it might be dead, hibernating in a dream, or a pupa yet to be hatched ... The fruit shell hugs it snugly, blanketing it from the world which could be translated to my own encounter with fears, changes, and vulnerability.

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  • Category : DRAWING
  • Year : 2015
  • Total Edition No : 15
  • Size : 30(W) x 42(H) cm
  • Posting : 2015. 10. 02

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Jander Sartori

Its style is quite surreal. Also the contents are really sensual and its mood highly liberating.
2017. 09. 15

Carrie Parker

Colors are very sensual. I am really falling into it.
2016. 12. 14

Jonathan T. Thoe

2016. 12. 11


I relly love all your details you put into this picture. I am really loving how you incorporated the red bird in the pomegranate it really has alot of nice work done love it
2016. 11. 14


The artist created a splendid art by incorporating dynamic style, imaginative contents and rough feeling.
2016. 11. 04


This work is loaded with symbolic representation. I am just wondering what each figuration means.
2016. 10. 28

Bonnie yam

I find this art very interesting for its plain style, realistic contents.
2016. 10. 13

Eve Lynn

2016. 10. 02

Mohamed Moustafa Mohamed Tito

2016. 07. 19


The style of this artwork is audacious with its iconic contents and exotic feeling
2016. 07. 18


2016. 06. 23

Laurianne Gagné

The delicate style and naturalistic appearance of the contents of this artwork arouses impressive feeling.
2016. 06. 21

Mackenzie Cooper

This work of art was finished in expressive style with its mythical content, it exudes calm feeling.
2016. 06. 21

The Dragon Year Gallery

Wow! Your works are stunning!
2016. 06. 10

Kailyn Olsen

Stunning. From a seed to being eaten. An egg to the end of a birds life. Very circle-of-life. Love it
2016. 05. 28