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A Cowards Delight

A Cowards Delight


We all hide behind masks and layers that society deems acceptable. Beyond that is the part of you that doesnt fit in, that is your secret self.
  • Category : PHOTOGRAPHY
  • Year : 2015
  • Posting : 2015. 11. 12

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D.Daniel Croft, Jr. (Danny)

I'd love to draw this on a big scale.
2016. 07. 24

Bonnie yam

I think this artwork has creative style. Also it captures sociopolitical contents.
2016. 06. 01

BBuzzArt Curated

Indeed, we are hiding our true self behind the mask. That is why true friends become more valuable and precious as time goes by.
2016. 04. 12


The combination of this artwork’s bold style and extreme contents evokes strong atmosphere in this piece.
2015. 11. 13