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About the Vanishing Things

About the Vanishing Things


The objects or spaces, which repeat to be broken down and built up again, could reflect human being. That is because the elements and standards that compose the conscious ‘I’ are also ever changing in a variable interrelation with others. They are constantly disintegrated, vanished, regenerated and reconstructed depending on the space, time, circumstances and necessities. A series of “About the Vanishing Things” is the result of an attempt to re-examine such pieces of daily routines. It is aimed at the aesthetics generated in the process of degeneration and regeneration evoking the significance of discarded and newly used things.

  • Category : PHOTOGRAPHY
  • Year : 2017
  • Total Edition No : 1
  • Size : 160(W) x 80(H) cm
  • Materials : Photograph, Digital Work on Face Mounted Acrylic
  • Method of packing : Ships in a BOX
  • Posting : 2017. 10. 17


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Clara Shin

의미심장한 작품이네요.
2019. 06. 04


The symbolic style derived from the profound contents induces the impression of inspiring feeling.
2017. 10. 29

Ateeque Ahamad Khan

The delicate style is emphasized by pessimistic contents ultimately setting dreamy tone of this artwork.gjjk
2017. 10. 21