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The textile art work entitled "Belango Bay and Brackets" as a whole explains that the traditional customs still held by the Jambi community is one of traditional clothing tradition which is a symbol of decent and proper rules to be obeyed as a custom order of Jambi custom, men use Belango bay and women wearing baju kurung and tengkuluk to umo kungkai (anak daro) commonly used go to paddy fields to reap rice. Jambi traditional clothing in the form of belango bay and baju kurung symbolizes simplicity and spaciousness of heart in the development of wisdom and way of thinking.
  • Category : NEW_MEDIA
  • Year : 2017
  • Total Edition No : 1
  • Size : 50(W) x 75(H) x 5(D) cm
  • Materials : textile, yarn, beads
  • Posting : 2017. 10. 27

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