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Daily News VI

Daily News VI


My artworks take a critical view of social, environmental, political and cultural issues. Society is very much speedy, dynamics, bright, enlightened and technologically improved but also brutality, jealousy, rape, sexual abasement in it. To get something so easily is a great zeal and not getting this makes him commenced many ravages. Social life depends on “Like” of the Social sites. Being an eye witness of a barbarous incident He doesn’t protest but he “post” that Photo in social sites, it’s an achievement. Those persons are WELL DRESSED but NACKED mentally, morally, ethically. They are very busy so they forget about social responsibilities. Simultaneously we also had broken the backbone of our environment. Megacities throughout the developing world are experiencing tremendous environmental crisis. It suffers from many problems. The sheer magnitude of population growth is an important variable affecting unbans environmental problems because it directly affects the spatial Concentration of people, industry, commerce, vehicles, energy consumption water use, waste generation and Other environmental crisis.
My current project is Daily NEWS where I depicted my dialogue in details. From my own observation and the very kind of different news, updates, headlines, tweets coming through different Media and Social Sites overwhelmed me and I feel over all alarming situation of my society. This Universalize Diagram of our society appears in my work consciously or unconsciously by my own stylization. In this series of works the viewers can see a wide range of news in details ( both aesthetically And Artistically). Now we all are lived in a global environment. So in my recent works these global issues are reflected. Various incidents of Daily life lift up in my work. Everyday’s Environmental problems give me jerks horribly. There are much concrete, constructions, bridges, smokes, carbon everywhere. My heart mourn for Missing Greens, Endangered Insects, Bird & Animals, Dead whales in the seashore , death of birds & animals, Suffering mankind…... Unborn babies have to born in a world full of Carbon, Expected mothers are terrified. Killing of unborn children, children death are now daily incidents. Cases of sexual assaults, eve teasing, dishonor & rapes are happening regularly. We all are fighting each other… may be the reason is to acquire one own chair or own place or ………We don’t belief each other. No one can sleep without anxiety….all are very much insecure….
This is main Concept behind my DAILY NEWS series. As like as Daily News bulletins are a summation of scattered incidents, my DAILY NEWS is also reflect the same perplex harmonic reflection.

  • Category : DRAWING
  • Year : 2017
  • Total Edition No : 0
  • Size : 28(W) x 22(H) inch
  • Materials : Water Colour, Charcoal & Image transfer on Paper
  • Posting : 2017. 11. 08

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