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this is photos of train track graffiti that I always shoot when possible and several buildings in the Bronx nyc the girls are actually white girls from a colonial era painting .one girl actually,I rearranged her face and skin tone to that of a Latina in modern times struggling to play in a safe place .the contradiction of the rich European girl painted by commission in a lavish home to the transition of a struggling immigrant was fun and I enjoy all things urban portrayed in art
  • Category : COLLAGE
  • Year : 2018
  • Total Edition No : 3
  • Size : 12(W) x 16(H) inch
  • Materials : photos and painting repainted and photoshopped for collage printed on posters
  • Posting : 2018. 01. 28

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Scott Anders

@SYN wow thanks, I have the imagination of a child and have been exposed to and flourished in some very ugly tough places I have learned to hide my racing brain from others who don’t understand and can blend in but thanks to art I get to go back to my true self and i take great joy in finding beauty in what most consider decrepit and sad the joy On GUN HILL ROAD IS AS REAL AS THE JOY ON THE UPPER EAST SIDE AS WELL AS THE PAIN WE NEED TO CELEBRATE EMOTION GOOD OR BAD ITS BETTER TO FEEL SOMETHING THAN NOTHING ,I enjoy your style as well main thing is you do it for you and your soul
2018. 01. 29


I love how your brain works!
2018. 01. 28