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Bread and Salt

Bread and Salt


Artist Emad Abu Grain also joined in with an installation titled Eish w Malh (Bread and Salt), referring to the common Egyptian expression that describes the bonding that occurs between people who share food, even if it’s a simple meal.

The installation comprised wall paintings of people with plates of bread before them, and a floor covered in salt with drawings similar to doodles drawn in the sand.

In photos: Artists reflect on bread in exhibit at Cairo’s Darb 1718
Bread II, a group exhibition featuring artwork from 18 young artists, opened at Darb 1718 on 14 June.

Through paintings, installations, video, photography and writing, the multimedia works in the exhibit, which runs until 31 August, look at the many associations and symbols bread invokes.

The oldest and most basic of foods, eaten by everyone around the world in different forms and recipes, bread has come to hold much more meaning than its dietary purpose.

It has made its way into language with expressions like "earning bread," meaning making a living, and the Egyptian expression of "sharing bread and salt," or how people bond over food. “It conveys unity when it's shared in Ramadan around the iftar table. It conveys good wishes of prosperity when it's given to a bride and groom at a Slavic wedding. It conveys sacrifice when it's shared between two hungry men,” the exhibition statement reads.

The exhibit is the second of its kind at Darb 1718, which in 2010 hosted an exhibition titled El-Khobz (Bread) following the 2008 shortage of grain that caused long queues at local bakeries and left millions of people relying on subsidies. The 2010 exhibit saw artists focusing on the economic and political attachments to bread.

This time around the exhibit aims to survey what bread means to Egyptians now, on the personal, political and social levels. The projects were chosen from the pool of submissions in response to an open call issued by Darb 1718.

  • Category : INSTALLATION
  • Year : 2016
  • Total Edition No : 1
  • Size : 3(W) x 3(H) x 5(D) m
  • Materials : Mixed media
  • Posting : 2018. 03. 25

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