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Physical Object

Physical Object


Fallen walls, debris from buildings, etc. with some damages and stains caused by normal wear and tear, rain, wind, etc., which are far from new shiny buildings, depict the elapse of time. Remaining stones, fallen walls, dried plants, etc. have suggested some knotty problems; however, these become somewhat bygone issue. The time gap between the past and the present replaces the perception of 'reality' and 'functional features of buildings' with the perception of 'beautiful objects' in a calm and careful way. This is an attempt to compromise on the long-lasting conflicting issue of 'civilization'. Even the concrete wall, one of the products that human creates, may be recognized as the product of nature in the end. The image of dried plants also reminds us of uniquenostalgic memories. This means the removal of tension between human and life and human and city space. In this context, antique ruined buildings can become a part of nature.
  • Category : PAINTING
  • Year : 2010
  • Size : 100(W) x 140(H) x 3(D) cm
  • Posting : 2016. 01. 05

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Nikhil Rajput

2017. 05. 14

Michael Anthony Harrison

The distinct style and narrative content of this artwork generates a profusion of creative feeling.
2017. 05. 07

Katey - Abstract 156

Absolutely amazing
2017. 04. 28

Matt Holten

This artwork has elegant style with its profound contents creating provoking mood in general.
2017. 04. 02

Leo Labbo

muy bueno
2016. 08. 16

Joem Japitana

2016. 08. 14


The pictorial symphony of this painting’s genuine style and vigorous contents embodies its absorbing feeling.
2016. 08. 08


This is really cool. Looks like a city crumbling down
2016. 05. 14

Wafi Satria Wibawa

oh my God
2016. 01. 11

Edimar Paclibar

2016. 01. 08

حيدر طالب الدفاعي

2016. 01. 07

Romi Rakasiwi

2016. 01. 07

حيدر الباشا

2016. 01. 07

Bonnie yam

This appealing piece has conservative style with symbolic contents and nostalgic feeling.
2016. 01. 05