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Different sites-The Eiffel tower.

Different sites-The Eiffel tower.


Globalization is supported by Nomadism. I, myself in this subject to fast-paced globalization have experienced Nomadism in diverse countries and cities.While migrating between the places to be left and the place chosen to leave for I discoverd the existing and non-existing prospective places.Then I applied meanings to the places yet ti ne acquainted. Memories and reminiscenced btought about by moving from place to place created yet another different space and that changed my identities every time.
  • Category : PHOTOGRAPHY
  • Year : 2014
  • Total Edition No : 1
  • Size : 110(W) x 80(H) cm
  • Posting : 2016. 01. 07

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Kent Norton phd

The distinct style of this work is communicated by its bold contents and mysterious. Aura
2017. 08. 03

Kuldeep Bhay Kuldeep Bhay

The style is structural. This artwork’s poetic contents and miserable mood makes this art completed.kuldeep
2017. 07. 30

Stýlïsh Xargar

This interesting piece of art is poetic and mysterious in its pop style.
2017. 07. 29

Ali Sadikin Firdaus Part III

The classic style and offensive contents of this artwork
2017. 07. 29


This piece of art embraces eccentric style depicting profound contents to deliver beautiful feeling. What a beautiful piece! It will be nice to see more of your art works and know more about you as an artist.
2016. 07. 11

Marco Leonardi

The artist’s choice of pop style and sensational contents addresses the lyrical feeling.
2016. 01. 22

kika erohe

2016. 01. 21

Acuña Marisel

The contents are definitely candid. In contrary the style and mood are more extreme and tedious.
2016. 01. 20

Acuña Marisel

This artwork attempts to reconcile animated style with imaginative contents to illustrate nostalgic atmosphere.
2016. 01. 20

Sergio Gentili

i like
2016. 01. 20

Jun Kim

I find this art futurist with its narrative contents. The general feeling is somewhat serene.
2016. 01. 07