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I take my nature from the present, past Big Bangs and release to future Big Bangs.
I use knowledge not only this universe and past universes. For instance, I want to paint a sea I draw the idea from an idea (pictures) due to I saw the real sea after the birth of 20 years but I render the sea painting from the real sea. Why I chose sea and from which universe’s sea is my nature.
My approach is faster. I am a sensitive over-thinker, so I think the ideas with fastness (without logic), in this, ideas overlap, from this new idea generated but my intelligence finds this slowly.
My over think sometimes helps sometimes harms. I over think every idea, every substance, every incident, total infinity, total silence, the total mystery, so on and on with fatness. Through the process of my nature, I become the new idea, a new substance, and new incident so like as such. But the process is as a space, the space, witness for every event, it is as a black hole, every idea and every substance, even real black hole, space of infinity and so on, it swallows. But what happens inside I don’t know, but when it becomes Big Bang that is not bright Big Bang is a strange Big Bang.
The known reality, our body reacts unconsciously by every movement of the universe I named it ‘indirect sense’ and our body recycled by Big Bangs, so ever history of Big Bangs in our body and present universe. However, I open ‘indirect sense’ by my direct five senses by obsessing; catch Big Bangs physical and mental information and everything controlled by my mysterious nature. With this, I do adventure from the starting time of the cosmos and the end. It is my hypothesis, if not, to be an imagination.
Trillion, trillions and Numerous times the Big Bang and the conscious repeated. The matter of the Big Bang continues to exist, ‘repeated conscious’ memories co-exist like minute waves, and my ‘indirect sense’ gets those like an antenna; It might include life, culture and so on. Perhaps I get every universal’s knowledge, which is already here, how I convert it, my way is the enigma. I send my art to the next Big Bangs. My work, stand not alone for the consciousness of now and completely conscious culture.
Since childhood days, the field of science has influenced me. I desired to a scientist, I could not. Thus, my art is the scientific research way. The scientific process is time taking, my science is rather ‘easy science’. Perhaps I liked the result more than the process of science.
The work explores multiple meanings; in my place, art history was not my mother language. So every visual equal to me and lately know concepts. Here equal means spirituality, respecting everything.
Here I shift the total mass of reality. In addition, the matter of reality is purposeless and we cannot predict the shape of the formation, so it is abstract for me. Artefact materialism is for my non-abstract, so it leads the abstract of reality. Here my works some conceptual art way and elaborated way.
Materialism tells matter is primary. In this evolution, the life and artefacts are secondary. We cannot control the evolution of the matter. But through fiction, I am creating an ’artefact materialism’.
My concept is that artefact is primary. Every other thing derived from it, like life and Nature, are secondary. For example, a helicopter is at a particular place. Somebody does not create it, it created by itself. For this helicopter to fly, space and place created by itself.
Artefacts assumed as atoms, these are fundamental material. I interpret the only the surface which functions unlike reality from inside to outside (unimaginable or paradoxical), because of object solid without any division, unlike atoms. For instance, the grape plant originates from a drop of wine by with a remotely controlled way, the drop exists in the bottle, but the plant springs up another space. Substance moves with the light speed but sees in stillness. Here, the sound of the river as "boat" "boat"... These are my rules of bizarre and not limited. Every object has a story. Behind the canvas, I stick a piece of a magnet for the artefact, metaphor for power. I use painting technique normal way.
My childhood fantasy was, use water from taps, but for the trees, and when I looked at the rain, I would imagine a big tap in the sky, means happiness. Nowadays every time I surrounded by air, which commanded by AC (Air Conditioner), so detached from nature, it is melancholy. Like other experiences from past Big Bang’s life might be suffered or fantasised with artefacts, how these all things manipulated by my unconscious mind is a closed book.
  • Category : PAINTING
  • Year : 2018
  • Total Edition No : 1
  • Size : 20(W) x 20(H) x 1.7(D) inch
  • Materials : acrylic on canvas
  • Posting : 2018. 09. 26

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This is beautiful! love your new work.
2018. 10. 28