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summer time


My friend Kristina was a willing participant.
  • Category : DRAWING
  • Year : 2014
  • Posting : 2016. 01. 07

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Amanda Hill

The simple carefree vibe of this piece is fitting with its theme of summer and freedom. While the girl appears trendy and put together she also represents the casual side of being a teenager in the subtle wrinkles of her clothes and her confident relaxed pose. The black and white outline style perfectly compliments the purpose of the art.
2016. 05. 20

BBuzzArt Curated

I can feel the illustrator's friendship and love towards the person portrayed. Nice job! Well done!
2016. 04. 08

Speacial Banghazi

2016. 01. 27

قيصر ابراج

2016. 01. 27

Kritsada Chaiyakhan

The monochrome style of this art works well with the candid contents. It induces warm atmospheric vibe.
2016. 01. 22

انور الحسيني

2016. 01. 22

علي حارث عبد الحميد

2016. 01. 22

Alondra Montalvo Soto

I like her outfit. Seems something I would wear. Love the technique you used. <3
2016. 01. 21

D.Daniel Croft, Jr. (Danny)

fingers are fine. wouldn't give it a second thought tbh
2016. 01. 21


I find it very interesting and refreshing, but maybe you should work more on the fingers. Everything else is perfect.
2016. 01. 21

Edsen Sentero

The content of this artwork is imaginative, but at the same time the style is extreme and the mood ambiguous.
2016. 01. 21

mervat fahmy

The reflection of elegant style and encouraging contents of this artwork brings us the comfortable feeling.
2016. 01. 21

مهند العراقي

2016. 01. 21

Gabriela Zamudio

2016. 01. 07