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The Zone System


The Zone System
35 synchronised digital displays; slideshow, color,
12min / 24x15cm each (duration and size variable. This is an edited installation view-clip.)

This digital greyscale-grid is based on American photography-pioneer Ansel Adam´s technical zone system. In addition to the photographical greyscale (the technical steps reaching from pure black to pure white) we add a “human” greyscale, reaching from the darkest skin to the lightest. This results in the various faces being “correctly” exposed at different intensities of light and so categorizes the models into different compartments of the grid; “the system”.
The final outcome is a grid-installation of digital displays where the images constantly translate into different types of information, without altering the original. The idea is to emphasize that despite of the technical development of the photographic medium the same historical prejudices - of physical appearance - still determine its use, i.e how we are categorized and labeled.
  • Category : VIDEO
  • Year : 2014
  • Duration : 00:04:22
  • Posting : 2015. 06. 03

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Suzy Mclntyre

The style of this art is quite balanced and the contents are humane. In general, this piece suggests lively atmosphere.
2016. 12. 02

John Hayes

This artwork has such a expressive style and the contents are quite conceptual with its remote feeling.
2016. 10. 16

Nana & Felix

Thank you for the comments!
2015. 06. 11

Tylor Johnson

You are really re-interpreting Ansel Adam's technical zone system by layering it with your own style of greyscale. It opens up another realm of issues relating to human behavior and society. Keep up the good work, Nana & Felix!
2015. 06. 04

Carrie Parker

This is awesome! Blue and white and shades of blue and those of white play like an orchestrating waves!
2015. 06. 04