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When I painted this, I had the idea of individual perception in my mind. Perception varies between people on a personal level, within many different constructs, such as mental, physical, and emotional. This painting has multiple intended meanings behind it that I've thought of. However, there are also hidden subtle undertones most people cannot understand (an inside joke, if you will), and then there are ones that I did not intend to put in there at all, but when people look at it, that is what they see. This could be a painting of tree bark with a knot in the wood, or it could be a black void floating through space, it's all about how you PERCIEVE the image, and that is the meaning.
  • Category : DRAWING
  • Year : 2020
  • Total Edition No : 999
  • Size : 24(W) x 18(H) x 2(D) inch
  • Materials : Acrylic on canvas
  • Posting : 2020. 03. 04

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