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리시안서스 꽃말은 HOPE-O

리시안서스 꽃말은 HOPE-O


This work is the first of the 11 series, and is O in the Lisianthus flower language HOPE among .
Each letter is separated, and each size is 25 x 35 cm in width.
Lisianthus flowers has a buds surrounded by several layers of lightly petals,
It has two types of flowers one of them is has a cylindrical, round cup shape,
the other one shape with a slightly spreading tip a bell-shaped.
The leaves are round and thick and as smooth as the branches.
It is a flower loved as a bouquet because it is fresh and beautiful with a contrast of deep purple at the tip of the white bud.
It is a flower that can be enjoyed for a long time because it does not wither easily and is pleasing to the eye even if only one bunch is placed in a vase.
But, If you still feel sorry for the flowers to wither, hang it on the wall of your favorite place and enjoy the work of lisianthus flower language <HOPE!>

<Flower Language Series>
It is a font designe made with flowers.
The reason I first started planning this series was when I was working as a picture book writer,
In order to create the next book, I studied various patterns and symbols on the subject.
I became interested in the meaning behind it, and once I knew what it meant, it was even more interesting.
But Wouldn't there be a more intuitive and versatile work material?
When a question arises,
The answer I found thanks to an old story that I accidentally read was the language of flowers.
That story is
A long time ago, it is the story of a princess who has a crush on a prince from a neighboring country.
The princess would always wait on the road the prince passed to go to war.
And finally confessing his love to the prince passing by,
she said he would wait for an answer when the prince returns.
the prince met her again on the way back from her battlefield,
but He didn't say anything to the princess,
She could not bear her grief and eventually fell ill and died.
And the princess became a lavender flower that bloomed along the path the prince pass.
But the prince had a sad secret that the princess did not know.
He was wounded in a war long ago,
He is said to have had a hearing impairment.
she did not know the he's situation and was sad.
As if representing the heart of a princess
the language of lavender flowers is “Please answer me!”
so for the princess who became a lavender flower,
I wanted to write a letters with flowers in front of the prince passing by.
She Loves You
When people choosing flowers and giving gifts as It also contains the shy affection of wanting the other person to know what flowers means
So in the language of flowers with the hope that I can fully convey they lovely feelings I decided to design font a flower language.
<Flower language series>
after selecting a suitable flower language
50 letters including the alphabet and Korean were designed,
Among them, 14 original embroidery painting have been completed so far.
After making a design in which the color and position of the thread are determined first,
I am collaborate with embroidery craftsmen to complete the work.
The first of the three reasons for using the embroidery technique in <Flower Language Series> is
It fits well with the artist's tendency to not want unintended results.
The second reason is that the simple way of working with repetition and rule properties is
It has the advantage of making collaboration possible through design,
Finally,because I thought it was a good way to express the texture of the fabric and thread creates a flowers image and emotional side.

In the future, the story and symbolism
I want to continue making beautiful cross stitch works.
It is production process is on Instagram
<> You can check it out in.
  • Category : OTHERS
  • Year : 2021
  • Total Edition No : 1
  • Size : 25(W) x 35(H) x 0.4(D) cm
  • Materials : 실, 원단, 미디엄, 일러스트보드
  • Method of packing : Ships in a BOX
  • Posting : 2022. 08. 02


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