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An aquarrell which has so much meaning to me.
  • Category : DRAWING
  • Year : 2014
  • Total Edition No : 1
  • Posting : 2015. 07. 09

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Irwan Syamsuddin

sangat indah..perpaduan warna yg sederana namun serasi
2017. 01. 12

BBuzzArt Curated

Congrats! This original work is being featured at BBuzzArt Facebook page.
2016. 06. 21

Suzy Yek

There isn't a strong control in the use of the watercolours. It appears to be a work you cook up within 10 minutes or less but, the features of the woman is proportional. A suggestion would be to shade the eyes with diluted black paint and work over it with darker pigments. It appears that you have used a strong pigmented watercolour paint and ran over it with water, try to create tonal values through brushing down the harsh colours with wet brush (not dripping) or white paint.
2015. 08. 14

Farah Safwat

Feels like the woman in it got the strength of an emotion or maybe a shock that resembles an explosion of colors. It's beautiful.
2015. 08. 14

jessica edwards

beautiful, lovely choice of colours
2015. 08. 13

Houssam Gooner Elokda

Shows you that leaving spaces empty, can be as strong as filling it. This is quite good.
2015. 08. 13

May Solju

I really like this one. One of my favourites on BBuzzArt!
2015. 08. 12