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Revisiting the Past

Revisiting the Past


At our present state, it is with relative ease that we state that have learned to internalize into our very selves what Art means to us and how we have built- up in our person the affinity towards it. Though we have to search it in our very selves how art has truly produced that reaction of appreciativeness over it. For each day that we are exposed to it- in its aesthetic sense or its commercial application, we relate with it and find that art is one phenomenon that subliminally develops in us and for which we are able to view the world through a perspective that elevates us to a level that makes us worthy of being an enlightened human being.
It is said that " Art imitates nature." Nature is a given, a tangible, a fact of life and a reality that is left to be encountered, and further, requires to elicit the appropriate response that only the affected person can shell- out from his inner faculties.
This point of realization of what one is faced- up which gives the Artist the chance to give birth to an art work. Sparkling ideas move an artist to harness his wares and his skills, enough to move one's inner self into a point of actually learning about the experience, and setting-up a condition that can bring out the need expression from the Artist.
Viewed from the perspective of someone whose affinity towards art is deep, the person, either as an artist or an art lover , is able to determine the impact of art inside his very self. Likened to an awakening, appreciating what is seen in the natural sense of the subject will establish the very essence and the theme that will transcend into art. The spark that it creates allow s the Artist to start with the process of creating something out of inspiration.
Opening oneself to Art
The ability to open- up the inner self and subsequently be able to respond to the need to transform his appreciation of what is observed into an artwork through preferred art medium is by itself the basis that differentiates the Artist from another individual. Simply recognizing the spontaneity of finding in his midst what for the Artist is something that aesthetic value and must be captured through his works. After appreciation and inspiration over something inspiring had been drawn comes the expression through his choise of medium that blends with the innate skills of the Artist which have been honed by practical knowledge and experiences in life.
This reaction and subsequent response is not to be seen as an individualistic venture into a realm where one can assert his difference or a conscious effort that makes one different from the rest. Rather, it is the individuality of the Artist that makes him distinctly capable of projecting his internalisation of what had been perceived and transforming this into an artwork.
Perception of what is being appreciated will always find its source from what had been experienced.Thus, the situation that the Artist find himself exposed to a spontaneous moment when nature reveals itself before him, allows for a moment to capture the beauty that had been perceived signals the start of creating the artwork. All around the Artist, a lot from nature itself is revealed. Moreover, through art, the development of society has been placed in a more appreciative and aesthetic existence. Even through the unfolding events in human development, these have all been given a greater appreciative value through infusion of art.

  • Category : DRAWING
  • Year : 2011
  • Size : 24(W) x 24(H) inch
  • Posting : 2016. 01. 29

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